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Client guide to the hedge fund formation process.

The decision phase is the heart of our services. In this phase we assist you in making the critical “decisions” necessary for your hedge fund formation. This phase is designed to provide a comprehensive and standardized platform to ensure intelligent decision-making. This phase includes two sequential processes:


Analysis – This process includes an analysis to determine the regulatory regime in which your management company and fund will operate. It includes an analysis of the fund’s proposed assets, operations and investor base. We identify applicable regulations, required registrations and available exemptions. We also work with our tax and ERISA experts to identify the most appropriate and efficient fund structure.


NOTE: Segregating the decision phase from the document phase enables a comprehensive platform for clear and informed decision-making that avoids the all-too-common scenario where decisions are made in the drafting process through multiple iterations of legal documents in which the decisions are often obscured.


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